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Coordinex's Game-Changing Strategies for Unrivaled Success

Charities want to raise money and awareness, associations want to grow their membership, and corporations want to increase customer loyalty and grow market share. Coordinex designs creative marketing platforms that provide a wide range of clients with the measurable results they need.

Clients count on us to create new marketing strategies or invigorate existing partner campaigns. Our extensive experience in events, experiential marketing, sports integration, point of sale and all facets of social media gives us the capability to design campaigns that resonate with many different consumers.

Coordinex’s experienced development team works with you to refine your objectives — whether its brand awareness, improving customer loyalty, or enhancing your brand’s value proposition. Once the plan is activated we track all analytics data, enabling us to refine the approach midstream and ensure measurable success.

As non-profit specialists, charities choose to hire Coordinex as a completely outsourced corporate development department, an enhancement to internal staff, or a transitional solution. We are uniquely qualified to expand a charity’s donor base by establishing new corporate relationships.


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